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Wedding Planners – Who Are We?

Joan Hannan - Passionate, driven and excited

I married my high school sweetheart many, many, many years ago, long before wedding planners existed and before we lived in Colorado so suffice it to say there was not a Colorado wedding planner involved. I have spent my career in project management in the travel technology realm.   My responsibilities included managing project budgets in the millions with implementations around the globe.   I never envisioned myself as a Wedding Planner but let's face it; while weddings are more fun and emotion filled than a technology project, it's still a project.  It has scope, budget, timeline and people management components which all need to be kept in alignment.

I fell in love with weddings and the planning of them when I planned my daughter's wedding. It was a 12-week engagement due to an impending Naval deployment so the planning was fast, fun and fabulous. The wedding weekend was nothing short of amazing - for the couple, the friends, and the family. It was in that moment I knew I had a mission – it was to make weddings wonderful and carefree for everyone involved.  

Your special day will be a passion project for me. I take a limited number of clients a year and work in any location that couples envision their event, ensuring the utmost in personalization, professionalism, and quality. There will be no financial surprises because of my flat rate, but I will surprise and delight your guests with a dazzling experience that captures your essence as a couple.

Deanna Riley - Focused and loving weddings

I have known Joan for 50 years.  We are thrilled to be able to collaborate on weddings.   My professional background involves working with teams in many locations so I work effectively and efficiently to accomplish the team goals.  Leveraging these skills and my passion for the wedding process makes planning a natural fit for me.  I am a full-time resident at the Encanterra country club in Queen Creek AZ.


Susan Sipple - Experienced, professional and detail oriented

I have a background in the hospitality business with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell Hotel School.  Early in my career I was Assistant Director of Catering at the Four Seasons Las Colinas Dallas and Four Seasons Boston, before becoming Director of Catering at the Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf.   After raising my children I am now ready to put my toe back into the water and am excited to be involved in wedding planning again.   I specifically focus on venue management aspects of your event.

Jenny Leonard - Fashion and attire expert

I have a background in both hospitality and in fashion.  I have over 20 years experience helping many brides, mothers of the brides, mothers of the grooms and attendants with their wedding attire.  I've assisted them in  choosing colors that work with their skin tone and styles that are flattering to their figure.  I have also assisted clients with selecting attire for the groom and his attendants. My goal is to ensure everyone is thrilled with the way they look and I love seeing the smile on someone's face when they put on just the right thing and feel great about it.  

Flexibility as a wedding planner is key; we work extensively with couples in evenings and on weekends.  Through the use of our services, we will ensure that planning your wedding doesn’t become your full time job.


Many wedding planners will shy away from short engagements; we on the other hand, are thrilled by them.  For many couples, it lets them focus on what is important to them and reduces distractions and demands from others about what they “should do”.  So regardless of your timeline, Planning The I DO can make your dream a reality.


We have seen wedding budgets of every size and we have tools that help us identify the budget and remain mindful of it throughout the wedding planning process.   We firmly believe the “right” amount of money to spend on a wedding is the amount that let’s everyone involved wake up the day after and be thrilled by the event and not horrified by the cost.

We only do weddings and we take on a limited number of clients per year so we can give your wedding planning, the personalized attention and focus you deserve.

Let us leverage our extensive expertise to help you.

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