Aisle smiles

Every bride envisions walking down the aisle on her wedding day as a moment like no other. It’s also likely there are many other people imagining the same thing – her groom, her parents, her bridal party, etc.

But bride beware – without a little planning, this moment could be more treacherous than amazing. (Are you getting the hint: all things “wedding” require planning – some a little, some a lot – that’s the beauty of hiring PlanningTheIDO to help you – YOU don’t have to go it alone).

Aisle width – Decide on your processional and MAKE SURE your aisle is wide enough. Are you walking single file, do you have a wide skirt or veil, are you walking in pairs, are you walking as a three some with your parents on either side. You don’t want to step up the aisle and discover there’s no room for your dress or your parents or ???

Grass aisle – Think carefully about whether you or someone else is likely to sink into the soft ground. If so, there are several strategies including using little wedges that attach to your heels (check them out ahead of time to ensure they fit on) or lining the aisle with pavers (you can even give each attendant a paver to stand on for the ceremony). The most memorable aisle smile I’ve had was when a bridesmaid lost her shoe in the dirt, proceeded to walk up to the alter and then the guests passed her shoe to her – it was priceless except that is the one thing that wasn’t captured on camera.

Processionals – There is no right or wrong in processionals, a lot depends on the venue but primarily it’s up to the couple to choose what works for them. Do you want to enter together? Do you want family members to walk you down the aisle? Do you want bridesmaids to walk with groomsmen? The choices are endless.

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