Planning the potty

OK so planning the potties for your wedding guests might not be the most romantic or fun thing to think about but believe me your guests will appreciate it.

If your wedding and/or reception are held at a venue with restrooms you need to check on:

  • Accessibility - depending on the venue the restrooms might be accessible but guests might need a bit more time to utilize them. For instance one site had the bathrooms in a basement with an extremely slow single person elevator. In this case, as we planned the day of schedule we planned additional time for elderly guests to arrive at the site, access the facilities and be seated in plenty of time for the ceremony with no stress or rush.

  • Servicing - you will want to ensure the restrooms your guests use are clean and serviced throughout your event. This may seem trivial but it is definitely something to ensure during your meetings with your venue coordinator. You don't want to find in the middle of your event that the restrooms are messy or out of paper. YIKES

  • Bathroom baskets - while definitely not necessary, they are often appreciated by your guests who need a little freshening up. Don't over think, don't over spend. As you will often hear me say - add it to the line item budget list. Sort of like a diet - if you eat it, write it down. In the case of a wedding - if you spend it, write it down.

  • - Decor - I have a friend who worked in high end hospitality business for years and she could think of nothing more horrifying than having a bathroom without decor for your event. I'm not so sure it's worth the investment so I suggest - add it to the line item budget list and then make a decision when you see how the budget is coming along. If it is important to you, do it, if not, skip it.

If your wedding and/or reception are held at a venue without restrooms you need to rent port-a-potties/port-o-lets. In this scenario you need to plan for:

  • Lighting to the port-a-potties - If you are having an evening event you don't want your guests wandering in the dark looking for the facilities.

  • Servicing - ditto from above. It doesn't matter if it is a facility restroom or a port-a-potty, servicing is critical to keep your guests comfortable.

  • Ground cover - Since the path to the port-a-potties is usually a well traveled one, it will likely become worn down quickly and potentially dirty or even muddy depending on the terrain. Take precaution to protect the landscape and your guests shoes. A bale of hay could be leveraged and swept up after the event. Talk to your potty rental company about recommendations.

  • Accessibility - Review your guest list and ensure you have taken accessibility for elderly or disabled in mind when selecting the port-a-potty. Let's face it, using a port-a-potty is not graceful in sports attire, let alone party or formal wear. Consider renting accessible units at least for women.

  • Placement - ensure you allow for accessibility. I know you will want to "hide" the toilets so they aren't a decor feature, but don't place the portable toilets in a location where they are difficult to get to.

  • Quantity - A port-o-let on a job site is meant to service 50 people, use this same rule of thumb and rent enough! The last thing you want your guests to remember about your wedding is how long the lines for the toilet were.

  • The "nice truck type" - These are definitely a luxury and if the budget allows, go for it! It will solve the lighting and servicing issues but brings with it more cost and constraints on placement.

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