COVID /Pandemic Elopement

Has your wedding been impacted by COVID-19? Or do you think it might be?


There are always more options than you think! 


The first thing to do is take a breath.  If your wedding is planned in the next two months, it is time to take action.   If your wedding is in the summer or later, it’s time to think and educate yourself about the options.   Each situation is different so there is not one recommendation that fits every couple. Re-imagining could include:


  • Have a "small intimate" affair / elopement.   Remember it is about you two and getting married, not the length of the guest list. 


  • Have a virtual celebration.  The technology exists to conduct international business virtually and that same technology can make it possible for your family and loved ones to join you from near and far.  


  • Postponement.  If you are set on having the wedding you planned, we will work with your vendors to develop a new plan for a later date.


The path you choose will require structured contingency planning and a solution-oriented partner.  Whichever path you decide, the key is to find a plan that is reasonable and equitable for yourselves and your vendors.  While this is a tough time for you, your family and loved ones it is important to recognize this is also an extremely difficult time for your vendors.  Most wedding vendors are small independent owners who have had their businesses and livelihoods upended. While the wedding industry is big business – it really boils down to a couple in love, big expectations and small businesses.  Planning The I Do “gets it” – we have clients who have had small intimate affairs, rescheduled and some who are in wait and see territory.  


Planning The I Do is here to help you find a path and a plan that is right for you!    Contact us for a complimentary discussion so we can learn more about your situation and develop a proposal.